Friday, September 2, 2011

The Last Seuss

Well I have been traveling so much lately I haven't been able to participate the last few weeks. I thought I'd use the free week to catch up and did the Dr. Seuss project. Hope you like it


  1. Hey Frank, not sure what you did to this but there's something really unsettling about the warping of this one. It plays a trick on my eyes that almost makes me nauseous. Not saying that's bad though, it's really kind of neat, like a magic eye poster from the bowels of hell packaged up in a candy wrapper. Win!

  2. Frank, i dont know what zach is smoking... i dont get the warping nauseous thing... But Nice seussification! you captured the feel of seuss.. I wish you had taken it a little further tho and added some more silly stuff... like a weird seuss animal with an apple in his mouth on the table waiting to be eaten. lol i donno im really reaching. All in all, nice job!

  3. Nice job there Frankles. Like the loopidy loop window. Suesstastic.