This page is intended for the discussion of future projects. Post your ideas here!


  1. I have 2 ideas for future projects....
    1) 8 bit or pixelated art
    2) An animated GIF

  2. My updated future project idea list:
    -8 bit or pixel art
    -animated GIF
    -short 3 panel comic strip (see the Perry Bible Fellowship)
    -love the idea of starting with childrens artwork and really developing it while staying true to the original
    -anything steampunk
    -reimagining something as it would appear in the eyes of Cinema auteurs like Quentin Tarantino or Miyazaki or the Wachowski Brothers.

  3. Spy vs spy!
    also garbage pail kids!

  4. I would like to do a theme soon that is not influenced by pop culture.... in other words. something with no visual reference. like illustrate something from a book that has not been made into a movie... where we can draw from our own imaginations a little more purely. I dont know if illustrating something from a BOOK is the right thing to do. but you get the idea... I dont want to ALWAYS do art thats based on somebody elses art.

    like...everyone creates a disaster scenario for the end of the world. whether that be zombies... a giant tidal wave, aliens... could be cool

  6. what about the 7 deadly sins? i know its a common favorite in art school.. but i never ended up doing it.... but everyone could do a different sin...? or if you feel ambitious... all 7

  7. Frank Frazetta themed art as suggested by ray... my artrection just grew 3 inches

  8. OK... as of right now.... This is the full list:
    -8 bit or pixel art (open ended)
    -animated GIF (open ended)
    -APOCALYPSE (open ended)
    -short 3 panel comic strip (open ended)

    -A movie directed by a different director (mashup)
    Steampunk mashed with a classic Novel (mashup)

    -Fairy Tales (Reimagined)
    Spy vs Spy (Reimagined)

    -Classic art in the style of Dr. Seuss (in the style of)
    -Art in the style of Gorey (in the style of)
    -Art in the style of Frank Frazetta

    -7 deadly sins (your interpretation)
    -Illustrating an onion article (your interpretation)

  9. As suggested by Arman, imaginary creatures/monsters drawn/painted in a realistic/scientific style.

  10. Design the graphics that would belong on a stand up arcade game. (make up the game and draw the graphics).... for example.... GINGIVITIS! the arcade game!... and have like germs attacking someone's teeth and a big ol toothbrush rocketship... i dont know. just turn anything into a arcade game.

  11. simple animated gif - like

  12. Illustrate an HP lovecraft story. Alot of short stories... so easy to go through and find a good one and illustrate

  13. Get a writer to write up a scifi or fantasy book jacket or a movie synopsis... then we all play the conceptual artists

  14. Josh's last drawing has inspired me! Perhaps we could do a challenge to draw a Tattoo design!

  15. New Idea: Design a card from "Magic the Gathering" or a similar game. Draw the illustration and make up the design of the card and the verbage that would go on the card etc.
    Make it funny, or serious.

  16. Here is a contest site that might work up some good assignments