The Wasted Talent Collective is a group of people who have the NEED to create. Most of us had dreams of working for incredible companies like Pixar, ILM, or Weta, being comic book artists or freelance illustrators, but because of one reason or another, ended up at a job that just doesn't wholly satiate our creative appetites.

The Wasted Talent blog is here to provide motivation, inspiration, experience and most of all community. We are stronger as a group than as one. Furthermore, we like to know how the audience receives the work, so viewers please participate! Let us know what you think of the art, the projects or of the site as a whole. Leave constructive comments on the work you see and be sure to vote so that you can have a say in the next week's theme!

The whole idea of this blog is community. Keep coming back, the one aspect of this blog that really excels is volume of CONTENT ... there is always something new to see!

Thanks, the Wasted Talent Collective