Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lost on Planet X

This guy comes from a sketch I did a long time ago.

Pencil sketch
Jungle without robot.

The original idea was to do something with linework... and then I went a little crazy with the jungle... It became less about the linework and more about the paint. But I still like the line work. I took a lot of influence from Frank Frazetta's Jungle paintings... which are freaking awesome by the way. Obviously, this is super similar to that scene in Empire Strikes Back on Dagobah with R2D2 in the muddy swampwater.


  1. Super duper Awesome! I'd still like to see you detail it out a little more. Water highlights. Reflections on the helmet.The outer edges othe Bot/line wok get lost since it's all dark. Maybe give him a slight outer glow. Very cool though. Love the Illustrator line work.

  2. Nice one, Mark! I like the pencil sketch best of all in this. I think you have a light touch when drawing and you build it up well. (that's what she said?) One crit, take it or leave it: the RGB lights on the bot are a bit too much, i think you can fit those in to the overall dark palette and still get the idea across.

  3. I really love this piece Mark! If I was to buy one piece of yours so far it would be between this and the whale. The only suggestion I have is that the background looks kind of Earth-like right now. A slight color tweak here and there might up the alien-ness of the jungle. Awesome work

  4. Very cool Mark. The sketchy feel to the piece is great, and the initial drawing of the robot is great on its own. I like the background, but the only thing throwing me off a bit is the leaves at the top, they seem more out of focus and blurred compared to the branches holding them up. The whole piece has a great sketchy feel but the leaves don't. Maybe you could go in and just outline a few in the front to tie it all together. other than that man, it looks like R2-D2 just beat the hell out of Swamp Thing and is now on the hunt for a good alligator sandwich to recharge

  5. I love this piece Mark. But I think I like the Illustrator version more than the others. There is something about it that makes me think of an early black and white Mickey mouse cartoon, just ten times cooler with a much better story line (if it had one that is). I just love the black and white with the less defined background. Two thumbs up..