WEEK #1 July 15, 2011 The Legend of Zelda Re-imagined
WEEK #2 July 22, 2011 80's Cartoon mashed with 80's Monster movie villains
WEEK #3 July 29, 2011 Bible Characters as Comic Books/heros
WEEK #4 August 5, 2011 Children's Drawings rendered (tribute to the Monster Engine)
WEEK #5 August 12, 2011 Classic Piece of art in the style of Dr. Seuss
WEEK #6 August 19, 2011 Drawing in the style of Edward Gorey
WEEK #7 August 26, 2011 Zoological Drawing of a New/Imaginary Creature
WEEK #8 September 2, 2011 Catch up week (do any challenge you missed)
WEEK #9 September 9, 2011 Seven Deadly Sins
WEEK #10 September 16, 2011 Pixel art 
WEEK #11 September 23, 2011 Bicycle lifestyle Tshirt Design
WEEK #12 September 30, 2011 Star Wars pop art challenge
WEEK #13 October 7, 2011 Catch up week!
WEEK #14 October 14, 2011 multi-theme week
                                                 -Theme A: Zombify something
                                                 -Theme B: Photo Manipulation
                                                 -Theme C: Tattoo Design
WEEK #15 & 16 due October 28, 2011 re-create cartoon characters in super-realism
WEEK #17 Nov 4th - no theme
WEEK #18 Nov 11th - no theme (WASTED TALENT HAPPY HOUR)
WEEK # 19 November 18th -
WEEK # 20 November 25th - Design a weapon (could be a toy, part of a video game, the real thing)
WEEK # 21 December 2nd -  Design a font and use it to draw "Wasted Talent" or any other wording
WEEK # 22 December 9thDesign a video game cover (could be a totally invented game,
or could be the sequel to an existing game, or could be the re-imagined art of an existing game)
WEEK # 23 December 16thChildren’s book cover. Go to the library and find a children’s book with
horrible illustrations, and do it better… or make up your own.
WEEK # 24 December 23rd no challenge (free week... turn anything you want, or take the week off)
WEEK # 25 December 30th no challenge (free week... turn anything you want, or take the week off)
WEEK # 26 SIX MONTH BLOG ANNIVERSARY  January 6th Design a playing card.. Could be a reimagining of the Jack of spades, or could be a card for MAGIC THE GATHERING...
WEEK # 27 January 13th Its friday the 13th! Design something fun around that concept. cool font of thirteen... a tattoo... the horror movie... be imaginative.
WEEK # 28 January 20th re-post of weapon design. nobody posted last time, but we had vocal interest in it. design some kind of gun... real functional... video game... toy... rubber band shooter... think of something.
WEEK # 29 (due January 31st to the contest provider) BOOK COVER CONTEST
WEEK #30 February 3rd Do an illustration that relates to Chinese New year!
WEEK #31 February 10th. Do an illustration relating to surface and sub-surface anatomical structures. Look at artists like Michael Paulus, or Feric.