Friday, July 29, 2011

Shawn Martin Eve process

Hey Guys,

Sorry, didn't have time to get one finished this week. Thought I would at least shoe the initial idea and where I was going to head with it. It was intended to be Eve as some sort of eternal vengeful assassin. I included a few of the steps used also. I would be interested in seeing others processes as well. This isn't how I always do things, but one technique for comic type stuff. Thx. III


  1. This looks awesome. Seems like it will be worth finishing! Reminds me a bit of the artist, Mobius.

  2. I would really like to see this one finished, i think it's looking amazing where you have it rendered so far.

  3. It does not need to be finished to see the potential for awesomeness that is beginning to awaken in this piece. Great concept, I think it means something Freudian that the original female is also an eternal assassin in your mind! Haha. Beautiful form, concept, and rendering. This blog is great for getting projects started eh?