Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cute Bug By Lauren

Lauren's was horrible so i made it better, i mean seriously it looks like a kid drew it. I started with another awful drawing by Arman but it wasn't going as planned and was pretty grotesque so i abandoned it. Plus it feels good showing random five-year-olds on the interweb how it's done. In your face, Lauren. In. Your. Face.


  1. This is great Zach. Loose but so tight. Color and contrast are great, the render is masterful.

    I really like the innocence of the youthfully drawn eyelashes on the original though... from before we knew how to draw them. Not complaining, just comparing...

    Great piece!

  2. Thanks guys. Ray i still don't claim to know how to draw eyelashes so maybe i should've stuck to the original. Haha!

    Josh ... good to see that you're creepin' around here, all creepy-like.

  3. Kids really suck at art. But you did a good job of making a circle with eyes look interesting. As usual a quick last minute attack yielded superb results. You should really show your other piece too though!