Thursday, September 8, 2011


I guess this one could fall under a few categories, but i chose sloth specifically. Unfortunately i only had about an hour to sketch this out and then an hour to do a quick color-up, but that's how it goes sometimes.

Before the hate mail pours in about your distant cousin who needs a Rascal because of their glandular issues let me stop you right there. I get it. I love big people, small people, yellow - black - red and white people. Some of my best friends are big peeps. This is not an opinion piece, just a social observation.

Big thanks to Zack Wallenfang who also observes society and provided the inspiration picture for this sketch.

Click to zoom!


  1. Oh man... This is awesome!! Nice job! I really like the looseness! My fav piece of yours so far!

  2. Love it! Nice style. You practice what you preach. That being said... Screw Fatties! Jk. Send hate mail to mratzlaff@...nahh. Better not. Here, watch this instead.

  3. Thanks Mark, Shawn. That link is so relevant, haha!

  4. Great work... I love the quick color up quality of it along with the choice of colors. I know that sounds juvenile but "I think the colors are pretty". Really nice.