Monday, October 17, 2011


Note: This is a late addition to last week's free for all project....

Okay, so I have officially started working on my LAST school project ever! I basically have to design a line of plush toys that appeal to both boy and girl preteens and have a "mechanical" element to them. My idea is to make a line of scaredy cat monsters that "tremble" when you squeeze them. I've got my 3 main characters and I have to do everything from packaging, to plush design to ad campaign. The cool thing is I am working with a real company through my professor, so this could even theoretically get made. That's very theoretical though.

I think their names are Violet, Munson, and Theodore from left to right.


  1. Dude i really hope these get made, great job.

  2. so far very cool. I think they are really solid character concepts. The rubber ducky is hilarious!

  3. DUDE, i got a great idea.
    you should make stuffed animals that have "slap bracelet" arms and legs... and kids can slap em on to to their arms or legs and the stuffed animals will be "hugging" them... yeah. .[.. probly already done though...