Friday, September 9, 2011

Gluttony, Greed, Pride, Lust, Sloth, Envy, Wrath

Ok, So, I drew this one first like last Saturday. I thought it was just funny... Trying to encompass all seven sins in one picture... but i moved on....the REAL reason I'm posting is because this was the first time I tried using Autodesk's Sketchbook Pro. My review of Sketchbook pro: It's ok... their interface is cool... once i got the hang of where the tools were, I liked it because it feel like I had a better more intuitive FLOW...with less menus and fidgeting... however, I only got so far as to do a one color sketch, I didn't really get into using the brushes etc. The thing I DID NOT like was that I could not get the pressure sensitivity to work as well as it does on photoshop... and I felt like my brush options were all the same, the pencil looked exactly like the ballpoint pen, looked exactly like the airbrush etc... it felt like it defeated the purpose of a SKETCH program if the pencil tool didn't even look pencilish. All in all, i have 13 more days of trial... and I'll play with it more, but I'm underwhelmed... and I feel like the vast possibilities in photoshop far exceed the minimal tools in sketchbook pro. Anybody else use this program?

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