Thursday, September 1, 2011

goliath 2 and render sample

Goliath w/ tentacles per Mark's request.

Zach, I did a quick render. Didn't know if this is what you mean.
Render paint while letting original drawing show through?
I actually use this technique quite a bit.


  1. YES. That's a solid improvement on the top piece. I love that bottom render, even for the ghoulish subject matter i think that the hand drawing (pun?) underneath gives it a lot more life. Really great stuff. It feels organic and polished.

  2. Awesome stuff Shawn! I like the uprooted city on the bottom with particles of earth falling off. I like how you generally focus on an almost symbolic, head-on perfect symmetry on most of your creatures but I feel like due to the scale and architectural nature of this thing it would be awesome to see it at an angle or with some perspective. It would up the intimidation factor. Its a polished, solid piece as is though.