Thursday, September 15, 2011


As usual, my initial idea was a little too pie in the sky for my first pixel art project and I didn't have enough time to fully deconstruct it into pixels. It is a wierd monkey god from my subconscious that has been brewing for some time. I will definately be finishing this in a uber detailed non-pixelated format because I love the idea so far. It is patchy and unfinished, but you get the point.

I also had an idea for a series of these shirts that had little critters from various destroyed habitats saying WTF?. A portion of the proceeds would go to environmental protection agencies and the rest of the money would buy me a Lamborghini. Anyway, here is my official pixel art submission.... Again it is unfinished since giving up on the cosmic monkey of infinite concentration gave me only one lunchtime to do it in. Still I like the results.

Also, here is my practice run I did on my ipad the first night.
It's a fat Batman in case you couldn't figure it out..

P.S. I just realized that they are pings so you can't just click to enlarge. Until I can fix this you'll just have to blow them up in a photo program. All the detail should still be there.


  1. Love them Arman. Great concept for WTF series, i might hire you to do a collection for FUR (my tshirt line) since your motivation matches my company's mission statement. Also a fan of the monkey god. Had a dream recently about Parviti, a Hindu goddess who is Shiva's main squeeze, the multiple arms reminded me of that.... anyway your drawings are... AWESOME!!!

  2. Thanks Tracy, and I'd love to work with you on that project idea too!

  3. Super ambitious this week and i think it was harder than we thought it would be (TWSS), but great job all around. Fat Batman is the greatest.

  4. Wow arman! Great job! I have been so busy i havent even gotten On a computer this week... But you are making me reaaly regret that i had to skip itthis week! Maybe ill do this one for fun soon and post really late! :) anyways nice job!

  5. Great stuff Arman! Viva le(or la)Fat Batman!