Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Old Guitarist

Hello Everyone!


  1. Fuck yeah! Loves it! This is great. Color, structure, feel... all of it. Nice intro piece!

  2. Josh...
    You really merged the two concepts nicely! I really like the hands and the guitar... and im mesmerized by his right foot (on the left side)... totally looks like dr seuss. very nice.

  3. I love the simplicity, execution, and grinch fingers of this piece.
    His face is really disturbing

  4. Very nicely done. It really looks like a classic piece until u look closely. Good texture, nice desaturation. Good work.

  5. Josh,
    When you post in the future, post YOUR art as the top image.... and your inspiration as a separate bottom piece. This is so that when your image shows up in the "awesome posts" poll on the right... it will show as a thumbnail of YOUR art, and not your inspiration... it just looks cooler on that sidebar... plus consistency.