Thursday, March 22, 2012

Rucksack Guerilla

So the client for this actually found me from this blog, he really like the "cool gorilla" sketch i did a while back and wanted something similar for his web site:

Turns out he (Andy) was a really nice guy to work with, i believe he's from Germany, so it was also my first time getting paid in Euros ... neat! Thankfully paypal does the currency exchange on its own.

When he initially contacted me, i thought that the idea was pretty out there ... Fidel Castro kind of look, Popeye style arms, board shorts and a 'hang ten' sign with flips (no problem!) and a rucksack. Anyway, rather than try to corral his ideas to fit my own, i just ran with it and actually think that i interpreted his vision, rather than make it my own. It was fun doing it this way, and took some of the pressure off too. I'm happy w/ how this turned out, not sure when Andy will update the site, but i'm looking forward to it.

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