Thursday, December 22, 2011

Eugene and the Cloning Machine

Initial Sketch


  1. great start dude. I like the kid feel to it. Looks like an episode of Dexter's Lab gone crazy! The composition is great, nice use of space

  2. Mark, Baaaaa-a-a-D ass! I like your colors and the execution. Your technique is great as well.
    Two comments though:
    1-I wonder how it would look sans the cloning equipment and with a sheep load more clones. It may help in creating an overwhelmingly, claustrophobic vibe.
    2-Maybe change up the expressions on the sheep mugs.
    I feel like when I look at one I don't need to investigate the others. I know they are clones, but maybe if they change with each reproduction.
    Multiplicity + Seven Dwarfs.