Thursday, October 27, 2011

Goin' Bananas

Well ... this has to be my post for the week, i had a ton of work to do the past two weeks and i just finished this last project and all the paperwork that goes with it. This really is one of my coolest clients, he's a repeat customer and really let's me have at it. His instructions were only a "cool gorilla" that looks like a "chick magnet and has a six pack." Other than that i really got to ape out on this one and had free reign. A true rarity!

I'm anxious to see if you all did anything cool with the theme this week!


  1. I like it Zach, great stylized feel. I have nothing for this week. I was super busy at work, and then you have probably heard about the divisional closings

  2. This looks like an updated version of the old Nintendo T&C surf Gorilla! Great job!! Looks like you're really loving that cintiq.
    I don't have anything this week... the Cardinals have been killing my evenings lately, but I'm not complaining about that!!!

  3. Frank, really sorry to hear about that, i sent out an email that should hopefully be making it your way via Mark.

    Josh, i had COMPLETELY forgotten about that game, but now that you brought it up it totally brought back memories, i was always the tiki guy though! That game was so fun, makes me want to play it again. I think we're all pretty tired today after last nights stressful, but outstanding performance!