Friday, August 19, 2011

The Stair

All young villagers
are acutely aware
if they are bad 
they are taken there

A place in the mountains
Far to the east
to a frightening tower
by a mindless beast

they know to be cautious
they know to beware
if they are naughty
they'll go to The Stair.

Preliminary sketches to come up with an idea. I really embraced the Don Kenn postit note idea.


  1. Mark.... Wow..... You really outdid yourself this time. You didn't just make a drawing, you made a whole little world. This is what it's all about. Awesome execution on ALL pieces. One request though..... I feel like the monster taking the boy up the stair would look even cooler if he was looking right at the viewer. I realize you are probably partial to it as it is but I'd love to see him glaring at me with saucerish glowing zombie eyes.... Just a thought

  2. I like your suggestion, i'd probably change my drawing if this was on photoshop, unfortunately, theres no possible way to adjust this one without starting over from scratch.... as this is actual pen on an actual piece of wood.... I'm considering doing other pieces like this though... it was immensely fun for me.

  3. This turned out great! Looks even better in person. Going for the pen on woodblock was an awesome choice. Would be cool to do in light pencil, light water color wash, and then pen. Great environment. For crits sake the all blacked out elements are heavy to the right side of the composition. Might have been cool to make the tower in silhouette. Nice job!

  4. good point shawn... maybe i will block out that tower...

  5. Wow again! You really drew it on wood? Awesome

  6. if you block out the tower it would take away from the boy...and him and the monster are the main focus. you dont want to take away from that.

  7. WTF!!!! Too cool for school Markus, I am blown away. Amazing piece!!

  8. Love it! You captured the Kenn-vibe well. Your line work and detail are superb. The only thing I am wondering about is the imbalance of value/contrast. As it sits, my eye goes from crow-boy-tree... Maybe making the tower black, and adding some of those great trees in silhouette as well) around it would help. I think you should work in this style more, you have a knack for it.

  9. Joey, good points... I agree with you about the balance... Maybe ill pop yhis one into photoshop to try a few things and see how they look before changing on the wood

  10. Im curious what people think of the little rhyme.... It was a total afterthought... Cheezy or good?