Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tenderheart Care bear visits the Temple of Doom

Care Bears and the Temple of Doom

I am loving the concept. but I'm a little unsure how I feel about the final render... I tried to make it look painterly, and now I think the brush strokes look a little muted... like it could be a little more vibrant... I donno, I'm curious to hear everybody's critiques.


  1. Holy Crap this rocks! Best concept yet.Very painterly too. Dig it!

  2. Mark, this one is definitely the stronger of your two submissions. Love this! I know what your'e talking about getting that more painterly look. To do this you really have to step away from relying on low opacity and flow percentages and think more like you're using opaque paint.

    A good start is working with a limited palette, literally blob on your canvas some colors to work from, then begin mixing them and make good friends with your eyedropper tool. Relying on tonal shifts in your hue for shading, rather than building up a low-opacity-dark-brown for instance.

    Is that clear as mud?

  3. Zach, you are exactly right, I tried doing hard opaques in some areas, but didn't keep consistent with my method. i kept jumping back and forth between hard opacity and then transparencies... I like your suggestions with the palette, I'm going to have to try that technique. Thanks!

  4. HAHA! That's great Mark! Poor Care Bear... Great concept. I like the painted feel. The bear looks amazing.

  5. Mark! Ace in the hole! Homerun! This defeats your other one hands down. Admit it, I'll bet you finished this one quicker then your other one too........

  6. probably one of the best concepts that matches the theme 100%. Such a perfect melting of the two themes. I really like that you are trying to get loose in your painting style. The chest seems a little under rendered and I think the likeness is close, the eyes might be a little high up on his head but that's a tough angle to draw. Overall a really strong piece that blows your other one out of the water. "fortune and glory kid, fortune and glory!"

  7. remind me that i have alot to say about this.
    master style crit comin your way sweetcheeks...

    ive seen you do way better and i know you can do way better. im just to lazy right now to tell you my thoughts...ok never mind ill just say some of it now....fidel is too cute to move

    i LOVE the concept. you know how much i love KALIMAAAAAAA and all. however i KNOW you have it in you to make this a fucking kick ass piece. youre trying to go more painterly, and people are sitting here telling you to get loose and what nots, HOWEVER just because something is rendered "loosely" or "painterly" 1. doesnt make it good. 2. can borderline make it look lazy if you cant render that style well.
    ive seen your fine art pieces, your digital art and your illustrations, you can always tell its your piece even in your fine art where you are WAY more painterly, but now it just seems like you are fighting to produce an art style that you are not.
    i get on you on your do stay really tight on them and it drives me crazy. sketches are supposed to be loose and SKETCHY, theyre the under drawing, the piece that gives your finished pieces life. but you stay too too tight when drawing, and you dont back away to look or give your arm freedom to explore the paper. i know you like technical work, and youre good at it, i really enjoy it. but you cant have a badass technical drawing without any sort of which drawing a very loose rough light sketch under it will give you. even if you just laid out basic points for proportions, i know this would help you.
    i never really have problems with how you render digitally...i think you are capable of great renders, its always the base drawing that throws things off. if you have a kick ass drawing, and then digitally paint how YOU paint you will get much greater success.

    i dont even think that this piece represents who you are as an artist. i know you didnt have much time, and that you attempted to do something a bit different, you just lost so much in this piece, its muddy, your drawing is lost. his neck doenst connect to his chest. ect ect...
    not every piece of art one produces, is amazing or an accurate description of who you are art wise, and i think that this one is only about 20% mark you?

  8. Nik,
    I think you nailed it, i am pretty lazy when it comes to the sketch... need to spend some more effort on getting the sketch to look right and the sketch to be a little looser. Im gonna try the painterly look again regardless of it being the weaker technique of my many methods... cuz i want to figure it out! Thats why this blog is cool, cuz it give me motivation to experiment.

  9. then you best show me some bad ass underdrawing to back that shit up yo

  10. AhahahahaHaaa!!! I love this one. Excellent concept and nice rendering. This scene in Indiana Jones left a bold impression in my memory and this is equally unforgettable.