Thursday, July 14, 2011


Detail close up
Goron. Second Attempt. Tried to make it a little more scary this time.

Goron 1st Try. Was somewhat unhappy with the way his face looked. I felt it came out kind of sillier than I had originally intended.

Original Characters from Game


  1. Definitely scarier - all of our characters have mouth infections. Srsly though everything looks awesome!

  2. Sizweet of course. I'll act like I have not seen them already...Whoa! Really nice though. Like elements of both. Should we make shoes now?

  3. Mark I loooove your first one! I am only lukewarm on the second one. I think you need to trust your first instinct more! You always get a really cool"colored pencil" texture feel somehow....

  4. Thanks Arman.... I like stuff about both... I like The more modeled textured paintstroked look of the first one... but i really dont like the face..... The second one with the scarier face feels drawn better, but perhaps not painted better. I'd be very interested for the group to take a vote on which they like better.

  5. These are great. If you were going for scarier, I like the final close up best.

    Like the first one too but it kinda reminded me of something...


  6. Wow, amazing!! My favorite is the top one. I would not want to go to battle with this guy.

  7. Great ones Mark, unlike Tracy i WOULD like to go to battle with this guy, i think i could take him. My favorite is the lighter one, great concept.

  8. Nice work Markus! You were quick crankin out the second one. I love the tribal scarring on his shoulders.

  9. Oooo I really like the cave dwellerish one! 2nd attempt...I like the cracks and the inner burn...idegestion is a killer umong gorons
    And I'm not just saying that cause you'll beat me if I say I don't like it ;)
    Ooo you know what woulda been cool...the trible tattoos..if they were cracked into his skin so you get that burny inside feel...

    All I can say on the other one...creepypenisnose